Publishers Weekly:

“Carlson’s sweet and entertaining memoir details how a former Hollywood screenwriter opens an American diner in Paris and lives happily after. Of course there is more to the story, and Carlson does an admirable job of recounting his rocky childhood, the numerous strange connections to France during his early life, and what these events ultimately revealed to him about his life.” Continue Reading


“With nonstop enthusiasm, the author details the many obstacles he faced to make his dream a reality. He needed to secure money from investors, create a viable business plan, find a good location, hire employees, create a menu, and find sources for American foods, all while on French soil and following French rules, which turned out to be vastly different from those in the United States.” Continue Reading

Oui in France:

“The book opened my eyes to the years-long struggle that was going on behind the scenes at Breakfast in America and has made me appreciate everything Craig — and entrepreneurs like him — have gone through in France just trying to live the dream.” Continue Reading

The Mere Mention:

The whole Breakfast in America (BIA) story is laid out like an awesome brunch buffet, seasoned with Carlson’s tragicomic tone. Mon Dieu! The ups and downs of running a restaurant. Continue Reading

Dear Author:

I was hooked with this title and I simply had to find out about breakfast food in the City of Love. I also learned a lot about dreams, determination and French labor laws. And love, a lot about love. Continue Reading

Bonjour Paris:

The memoir is also an entertaining story of life, in the author’s natural voice, full of heartwarming moments, inspirational quotes, and vividly drawn characters. Continue Reading

Seattle Book Mama:

If you’ve never been to France and don’t intend to, you can still enjoy this book. If you don’t like pancakes or any aspect of the traditional American breakfast, it doesn’t matter. Carlson is enormously entertaining, and so his story stands on its own merits. Continue Reading

The Fume of Sighs:

I encourage you to get a copy. It is a fun book with a great story… Continue Reading

Eat. Live. Travel. Write.

Congrats to Craig on his well-deserved success with the diners and the book. I know where I’m headed for breakfast next time I find myself in Paris. To toast him with a cup of good old American “jus de chaussettes” (sock juice, the French name for American coffee!). Continue Reading